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I give you a box with all my dreams...

A neverending dream; A tear I've yet to shed.

Johnny Clinn
1 July 1985
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I'm a sardonic ball-o-joy. Bounce me. ;)


1. *opens lunchbox* “….Why do I have two apples?”

2. “I’ve been barking up the Wicked tree for about a year now.”

3. “Oh right! I have butter in my pocket.”

4. “I’m always surprised when food doesn’t fit in my mouth. Like when I put it in and some of it goes…” *makes dribbling gesture with hands*

5. “Basically, my car is telling me I need to get fat in order to be safe.”

6. “Alright, now, not only do you have to hug a stranger who hasn’t bathed in a week, you have to rub his back while you do and whisper “I’m so happy”, with your lower lip gently pressed against his earlobe.”

7. Stephanie: “Turn on the news in the morning!”
Johnny: “But I watch Jump Start.” *stares blankly*

8. On Bring-your-child-to-work-day: “What are all these kids doing here?”

9. “I’ve never peeled an orange.”

10. “Eat my world.”

11. “Yeah I was gonna get pasta salad, but I didn’t feel like reaching that far.”